PADI 自由潛水證書課程  PADI Freediving Certification Course

Date 日期: 17 August 2017 (Thu)

Time 時間: 19:00 - 23:00 

Venue地點: 新蒲崗
Course Fee : HKD3,800  (PADI Freediver Certification Course)
                        HKD2,500 (PADI Basic Freediver Certification Course) 

報名方法 Registration Procedure:
1. 入數到 Bank in course fee to HSBC 656-029196-292
2. 填寫報名表格 Fill in the course registration form here
3. 將全名, 電話及入數紙 Whatsapp 51261208 或電郵到 
     Send your full name, contact number and bankin receipt to email: or whatsapp 51261208
4. 成功報名將以Whatsapp通知 Confirmed registration will be informed by whatsapp.

是指不攜帶水下供氣設備,以單一呼吸和屏息進行的潛水活動。 自由潛水包括以娛樂、體驗、攝影、狩獵為目的的自由潛水活動,和競賽性質的極限屏息深潛.
自由潛水不只是單純考驗你閉氣多久,或一口氣潛多深, 而是以正確態度以及藉著自由潛水,更清楚了解自己身體/思想極限.

What is freediving?
Anyone who has held their breath underwater has freedived. However, freediving is not simply about seeing how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can go on a single breath. You have to create the right attitude and pay attention to the limits of your body and mind. The true appeal of freediving is in the silence and calm it brings to people's hectic lives.
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