Statement on unauthorised use of Hong Kong Freediving Association name

It has come to the recent attention of Hong Kong Freediving Association (HKFA) that apparently someone misrepresented themselves or falsely held themselves out as HKFA for the purpose of carrying on business or causing confusion to the public, mislead the public to believe that the companies are related to or are part of HKFA. We hereby makes the following statements: :

  • HKFA has not cooperated with any travel agency, in particular, B & C Holiday Limited. HKFA does not have any relationship whatsoever with any of the abovenamed company or their businesses, activities or actions.
  • HKFA shall not be responsible or liable for any losses or damages incurred or suffered by any person or entity arising out of or in connection with the abovenamed companies or any of their businesses, activities or actions, including without limitation any misled participation or involvement in such businesses, activities or actions.
  • HKFA reserves the right to take legal actions against any entities, enterprises, organisations or individuals in connection with any misrepresentation or false holding out as HKFA for carrying on business or activities or causing confusion.
  • HKFA urges the public to take particular caution so as to avoid any losses or damages.

Hong Kong Freediving Association 
13th December 2017